Radikal Florida

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Disturbing COJ Advertisement

This past Friday, I picked up a "First Coast News Holiday Guide" from my neighborhood Publix and found a very troubling advertisement that was apparently paid for by the City of Jacksonville, FL. The following day I approached several members of Gainesville's African American comunity to get their take on the ad; sure enough, they were highly offended and commended me on my decision to contact the City of Jacksonville. Later that day I wrote Mayor Peyton and select members of his City Council, in addition to MLK's SCLC [nationals & Florida branch], both television stations that sponsored the Holidy Guide, and a member of Publix Corporate in regards to what I felt was an offensive ad being distributed in a Holiday Guide to the general public. Today, one day from the close of the business week and after a follow-up email to the Miami Rep. of the SCLC no one has replied to me.